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Homemade puff pastry with telemea in the dough

Homemade puff pastry with telemea in the dough

Divide the butter as follows: 1/3 put it in a bowl with the oil, and 2/3 in a bowl with the sugar.

Put the bowl on low heat and leave until the butter melts and starts to boil then add a handful of flour, mix and remove from the heat.

It comes out like a thinner ciulama.

Rub the butter kept at room temperature with the sugar, add the eggs and grated telemeau, then mix and add the water, essence and lemon peel and finally the flour mixed with the baking soda and baking powder.

Knead a dough just right to spread with the rolling pin.

We spread it in a sheet not too thin on the work table, we pour half of the warm ciulamau with which we grease half of the dough, and the other half ungreased we roll it on the rolling pin and fold over the greased one.

Press a little over then do the same with the rest of the ciulama and fold as much as the dough allows.

Cover with cling film and let cool until the ciulamau thickens well on the dough.

It can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days or it can even be frozen and used another time

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