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Meat cubes on rice salad

Meat cubes on rice salad

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I boiled the rice, when it was ready, I put it under a stream of cold water, then together with the finely chopped onion and the parsley, I mixed them and seasoned them with salt, oil and vinegar. I tossed the meat cubes in the pan with the mix of spices, salt, a little brown sugar and quenched with a teaspoon of vinegar.

I cut the baked pepper into pieces and mixed it with the mashed garlic together with the oil, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and salt. I put them on the plate.

Meat cubes on rice salad - Recipes

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How to make rice salad with bacon

Rice boil in salted water, following the instructions on the package, then cool under running water (to disperse the rice grains and not be sticky), drained in a strainer, added then in a salad bowl.

In the meantime, diced bacon, fry in a teflon pan in a tablespoon olive oil.

Tomatoes cut into cubes and add fish rice, following eggs cut into cubes, bacon fried, spinach, lemon juice, salt and pepper, mixing gently with two spatulas.

Rice salad with bacon will be transferred to a round tray covered in lettuce and served at lunch as such / garnish or a light dinner.

Beef Salad with Chicken

Put the chicken breast to boil with salt. After boiling, remove from the water and cool.

Wash the potatoes and carrots and boil them in their skins. After boiling, peel and leave to cool. (They are easier to cut if they are cold).

While the vegetables and meat are boiling, cut the cucumbers into small cubes and drain.
The peas are also drained (I rinse it with a little water, but that's not a must).

When the meat has cooled, cut it into cubes and set aside.

Cut the carrots and diced potatoes.

Boil one of the 3 eggs hard. Grate the yolk and put 2 raw yolks on top. Stir until smooth and then add oil until you get the desired amount of mayonnaise. (I eat less mayonnaise, so I used about 250 g). But the quantity can be adjusted according to preferences.

Mix the following diced ingredients: chicken breast, cucumber, potatoes and carrots. Add salt, peas and mayonnaise. Stir until smooth.

The rice is prepared according to the instructions on the package.

Drain and allow to cool.

Put the rice in a bowl with grated cheese and beaten egg and mix until a homogeneous composition is obtained.

Take the composition in the palm and form a ball.

Drill a hole and put a cube of cheese.

Fry in hot oil.

Arancini cheese balls they are easy to prepare and delicious!

4. Chicken schnitzel recipe with garlic and parmesan

Nothing can be simpler than preparing a few slices of chicken slices with a little fresh salad. Give the chicken a special taste with the help of the following healthy food recipe. Include this combination on your list of fast healthy foods.

  • Cut the chicken breast into thinner or thicker slices depending on your preferences.
  • Preheat the oven to 175C.
  • Meanwhile, prepare a mixture to marinate the meat.
    • mix 2 tablespoons olive oil with a little garlic.
    • In another bowl, mix a cup of breadcrumbs with 2 cups of Parmesan cheese, a little pepper and basil.

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    (5 points / total votes: 17)

    Cristina 3 years ago - May 29, 2014 10:15

    Re: Liver liver with rice

    It looks great, I don't dispute that it is good, but I think it is a recipe for beginner housewives, and the taste given by the natural liver (of any kind - poultry, pork) cannot be replaced by any kind of pate in the box.

    Ioana 3 years ago - 29 May 2014 11:41

    Re: Liver liver with rice

    yes, it is a quick recipe not only for beginners but also for those who do not have much time. now there are pies without e-s (really the color is not as beautiful as the one with e-s) and I thought it was the right time for such a recipe.

    viorica zoicas 3 years ago - 29 May 2014 19:31

    Re: Liver liver with rice

    Oh, God, I used to make this drob before the revolution, when you couldn't find only soy or soy pate on the shelves because we didn't really like the taste and so combined that we still found eggs in the farmers' market, we served it hot with mashed potatoes and we made an onion sauce. It was wonderful and festive! Strong good!

    erica 3 years ago - 31 May 2014 12:28

    Re: Liver liver with rice

    it's very good, I did it in rum many years ago, but in Australia I didn't do it at all

    Mari 3 years ago - 16 June 2014 17:35

    Re: Liver liver with rice

    Good luck! I did it before the revolution. It was one of the Easter delicacies, especially since our family does not eat lamb.

    marin 2 years ago - 28 March 2016 17:13

    Re: Liver liver with rice

    what else to put liver pate, when you have chicken liver, goose

    Ioana 2 years ago - March 29, 2016 09:01

    Re: Liver liver with rice

    sometimes you have, sometimes you don't. this recipe is for when you don't have it

    Aurora a year ago - 20 December 2016 10:59

    Re: Liver liver with rice

    I have been looking for this recipe for a long time.
    Thank you,

    Radu a week ago - March 22, 2018 11:16

    Re: Liver liver with rice

    Ioana, for the color, you can put the paprika. It will give a better color and taste.

    Dana an hour ago - April 1, 2018 01:38

    Re: Liver liver with rice

    Thanks for the recipe !! It really is good for those who do not have the time and do not necessarily want a super complicated recipe. The pictures look good, yumm.

    200 grams of boiled rice
    150 smoked turkey meat
    a green kapia pepper
    a gogosar
    two eggs
    70 grams of cow case
    two tablespoons of preserved capers
    a pickled cucumber
    rice oil
    sherry vinegar

    • Instructions rice salad with turkey
    1. Cut the turkey meat, eggs, cottage cheese, pickles, kapia pepper and donut into cubes and mix them with the previously boiled and cooled rice.
    2. We also add canned capers.
    3. Season with salt, pepper, rice oil and shery vinegar to taste and mix everything well.

    Have a good appetite!

    If you like the recipe, don't hesitate to rate it with stars and share it on social networks!

    Breastfeeding period

    A balanced diet is one of the safest ways to make sure you can give your baby milk.

    Once we start breastfeeding our babies, we know we need to be more careful than usual when it comes to breastfeeding.

    Here is a recipe that is easy to prepare, healthy, tasty and ideal for nursing mothers.

    Tuna tagaliatelle pasta is an important source of fiber, fatty acids, protein, vitamin D and vitamin B12. For moms who.

    Consumption of foods rich in protein and vitamins is essential for newborn mothers. A recommended recipe is.

    Beef lasagna is a delicious dish and especially recommended for fresh mothers. Red beef is an important source.

    During breastfeeding it is important to drink as many naturally prepared liquids as possible, which is why the infusion is a perfect option to.

    Tortillas with caramelized red onions and mozzarella are delicious and easy to prepare. Mozzarella is very rich in calcium again.

    For new mothers, eating foods rich in protein and vitamins is essential and that is why a salmon and rice salad is a must.

    Chicken salad, broccoli, pods and pasta is very easy to prepare, being an excellent source of vitamins, fiber and calories. Rich in iron.

    Beef salad

    If it's with chicken, I wouldn't recommend saying the name of the salad, because it might bother some more modest ears. Anyway, "Stage 1" and "Stage 3" are written by an illiterate person!

    Classic Romanian recipe.

    Beef or chicken breast (the amount of meat should be about 40% of the total amount of salad)
    3-4 large carrots
    2 large parsley roots
    5-6 potatoes
    1 celery
    1 large jar of pickles
    500 g of mayonnaise

    After you have boiled the meat and vegetables with a little salt in the water, take them out of the water and put everything aside in a bowl.
    Until they cool, cut the cucumbers into cubes and squeeze them well in your fist, then place them in a bowl. Cut the rest of the vegetables into the same size, also into cubes. At the end, pass the chicken through the mincer and then add the minced meat to the already cut vegetables.

    Add salt, pepper and a few tablespoons of mustard. Set everything aside and make 500 g of mayonnaise. Put 3/4 of the mayonnaise in the salad and mix. After the whole composition has been homogenized, you can arrange everything on the plates, and with the last quarter of the remaining mayonnaise and other vegetables, decorate the salad.

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