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Meat bean soup

Meat bean soup

  • a bowl of beans (I'm so big)
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 large onions
  • meat according to preference (ribs, bones, sausages)
  • tomato paste
  • oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • lovage

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes


quickly put the beans swollen in the evening with warm water over it. In the morning boil it a little in the water in the evening, and after it boils change the water and put the beans to boil. If you use fresh or frozen meat, boil it separately. finely chopped onion and grated carrot and semi-cooked meat (if you use smoked ribs put it directly in the beans from the beginning) and let it boil. When the beans and meat are cooked, turn off the heat and start frying: in a pan with oil put a finely chopped onion and harden it a little, then add 4 tablespoons of pasta slightly dissolved in water and leave for another 5 minutes on low heat, chewing from time to time. Fry the beans and bring to a boil. LEUSTEAN CHOPPED (I put from the sachet) and pickles

INGREDIENTS bean soup with sausages

Check the ingredients as you put them in the shopping cart.

250 g semi-smoked sausages

100 g onions

120 g carrots

2 cloves of garlic

50 g celery

100 g tomatoes

½ teaspoon of salt

¼ teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon canned tarragon

10 g paprika

50 g oil

700 g of water

400g canned beans

50 g broth

Bean soup with sausages

(6 liters of soup):
dried beans 1 kg
vegetables mix mix mexicananceapamorcovitelinaardei
1 bell pepper
2 red onions
4 tablespoons broth
fresh dill
thyme basil cumin pepper bay leaves borscht 2 teaspoon spices 3 tablespoons 4 tablespoons oil
the water
2 traditional sausages

Eating green beans with meat

I would never refuse any dish made with green beans. Grandma had several varieties in the garden that were made in different seasons, so there was no shortage of green beans on the table in any week. Now if I had to choose between legume soup and low beans I think I would have a big dilemma, I like both of them just as much.

My mother didn't have many recipes with green beans, I remember she also made salad with mayonnaise, but quite rarely, but I tried different options to cook it. Green beans are an affordable vegetable, so to speak, they grow very easily and are not pretentious at all. You all remember the video of Jack and the bean stalk, that's how my grandmother had some tall hairs on which the beans seemed to rise to the sky. Below and at the base were greasy and fleshy pods and towards the top smaller and green ones waiting patiently to ripen. Now in the city I can't grow beans, but I frequent the market with great pleasure and I have a lot to choose from.

The recipe for eating green beans with meat is a very practical one in the idea that it can be made with any type of meat, preferably a weaker one such as chicken or turkey, but it also goes with pork. I made it with chicken because I'm always in a time crunch, and chicken is made pretty quickly.

Eating green beans with meat

  • 1 kg green beans
  • 800g chicken breast (you can use a smaller chicken cut into pieces)
  • 2 small onions
  • 3-4 tomatoes
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • ¼ teaspoon thyme
  • oil, salt, freshly ground pepper
  • green parsley

We cut the heads of the bean pods (when I was little I loved to do this thing) then we put the pods in a bigger bowl and wash them well in more water.
We boil them in cold salted water.

We wash the meat well and cut it into pieces that we season with salt. Heat a little oil in a larger saucepan and fry the meat, turning it lightly on all sides so that it browns nicely.

When the beans are half cooked, strain them.

Peel the onion and garlic and finely chop them and then fry them in a little oil until soft. Add the drained beans and stir.

We wash the tomatoes and cut them into slices. If you do not have fresh tomatoes you can use tomato paste about 3-4 tablespoons and 200ml of water. I hope you put fresh tomatoes, the food will taste different, much better :)

Add to the beans the browned meat, the tomato slices, the thyme, add a little more salt, pepper and put the whole mixture in the oven at 180 degrees C for 30 minutes until the food decreases. You can also add a little water.

When the bean dish has dropped enough and is starting to brown, take it out and serve it with plenty of chopped green parsley. It can also be served with polenta instead of bread.

This is my autumn recipe from the Selgros project looking for passion, I hope you like it and try it soon :)

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"Chef with knives" changed his life

Riki has been living in Constanța for eight years, but after participating in the Antena 1 show, everything turned upside down.

"My life has changed completely after this show! I went to the mall one day and more than 20 people recognized me and asked me if I could take a picture with me. And on Instagram I receive a lot of beautiful messages from everyone who follows me. I am glad that I was able to reach your hearts. Thank you all for your support and I want you to know that all your good thoughts motivate me every day! ”, Admits the competitor from Sorin Bontea's team.

Riki, with chef Sorin Bontea and Elena

"Before I came to" Chefs with knives "I didn't have much confidence in myself. My father always supported me, but he was also the first to draw my attention when I was wrong. He put a lot of hope in me and wanted to see me succeed. Once I got to the show, I felt like my life had changed. The whole team was with me and made me catch wings. I still don't have the words to thank everyone! From chefs to my colleagues and the people behind this special cooking show ", says the Japanese.

I've always enjoyed learning, don't get me wrong, but I learn a lot more from personal experiences and interactions with people in the field. I am inspired by those around me, on the internet and I am lucky that I am also a creative person. Everything I know from a culinary point of view I learned right in the kitchen, working.

Rikito Watanabe:

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Meatless, tasty and healthy soup

It is only during fasting or when you switch to vegetarianism that you realize how rich your diet can be without meat, which is often a convenient solution, but not necessarily very healthy. Meatless soups have two major advantages: they are not nearly as caloric and have many important nutrients that strengthen your immune system. Instead of complaining that you can't eat meat, try these 5 delicious meat-free soup recipes and convince yourself that you can eat well and without animal foods!

Lentil soup: Lentils may not be the most popular product among Romanians, but it would certainly be if the benefits of this legume were better known. It replenishes your protein needs when you are not eating meat. Where else can you say that it is very rich in iron, a very important mineral especially for women? Find HERE a delicious lentil soup recipe!

Beet soup: because we still have the opportunity to do a natural detoxification of the body, it would be good to turn our attention to those vegetables that cleanse the liver and not only. Beets are ideal in this regard and, although you can eat them in the form of juice to benefit from the nutrients in it, we recommend you try a different, tasty and very appetizing soup. HERE you have a simple and quick recipe!

Peasant soup with vegetables: Peasant dishes are probably the tastiest and are generally easy to make, so why not try this recipe? THIS recipe combines the healthiest ingredients you can eat during Lent: potatoes, onions, peas, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes. In addition, it is very fragrant and can be soured with borscht, for those who prefer this option.

Fasting soup with mushrooms: it is very important to replace meat proteins with some of vegetable origin, even if they are not exactly identical in effect. Mushrooms are one of the staple foods in the vegetarian diet and, of course, during fasting, because they are full of protein and are very filling. Try THIS meat-free soup recipe, but one that contains enough protein to keep you healthy this winter!

Green bean soup with tarragon: from green beans you can make some delicious dishes, but also some good soups, even without meat. The recipe you can find HERE is full of vegetables and also contains yogurt, which you can remove from the list if you don't have a dairy product yet. It is a light soup and at the same time full, thanks to the pods.

Which of meatless soups Did you find the above most appetizing?

Sheep soup

My paternal grandmother made an incredible sheep gulyas. Good, very good. I remember some of them and I remember dreaming with open eyes about the times when my grandparents still lived in this world, their kindness and wisdom, all the food I know from them and all the food I didn't get to eat. I learn it from them. I tried several times to find the taste of the sheep's food that my grandmother was cooking, I got closer, but not enough. Of course, it may be an endless search, perhaps because I am not looking in a food library but in the library of my memories, a place where, of course, things are closely related to the people I lived with. .

I'm afraid that if people are missing, the memory refuses to show up in other circumstances. Maybe that's life. The good part is that good things and new memories always come out of these searches. For example, the sheep soup (lamb, ram, ram) that I describe here.

You have to use bone and meat for it (chop, ribs, neck). On the one hand because the bone helps a lot in flavor, on the other hand because the piece of meat on the bone is very tender and, through cooking, it is even more tender. For 8 servings you need a kilogram of meat like this. Boil it for three minutes in boiling peppercorns and a pinch of salt. Discard the water and put the meat in five liters of clean, cold water. Leave the pot on low heat for an hour, without a lid.

Clean and wash well four parsley roots, not too big, a large onion or two smaller ones, a small celery, a gully as a lady's fist, five or six carrots and two potatoes. Make them all into small cubes. Boil them with the meat (except the potatoes). When the carrots are cooked, put the potatoes in the pot. Burn five large tomatoes, peel them and remove the stalks. Pass them or grind them with a knife, mix them with a tablespoon of paprika, a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of freshly crushed pepper and 150 milliliters of scalded borscht (glass borscht, not envelope, put on fire and boiling). Put them in the pot and let them simmer for another quarter of an hour. Put a few parsley leaves in the pot, a handful of chopped larch leaves and two or three celery leaves. Put the lid on and put out the fire.

Both for today. Stay healthy.

Bean soup with sausages

Consistent, fragrant and perfect for lunch or dinner on a cool day, bean soup with sausages is a dish loved and appreciated by everyone. Here is the recipe below!

Preparation time: 3 min.

Total cooking time: 26 min.

Difficulty: Easy

Amount: 6 servings

Ingredients Smoked bean soup with tarragon:

(for 1 4 liter pot with soup)

  • 400 grams of beans
  • 400 grams of smoked bone with everything (ciolan, homemade ham, scaricica, etc.)
  • 2 onions
  • 2 good carrots
  • 1 parsnip
  • 1 parsley root
  • celery as 1 small egg
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 pepper (optional)
  • 400 ml. of concentrated tomato broth
  • 2-3 bay leaves
  • 1 bouquet with greens: 5 tarragon threads and 5 thyme branches
  • 3 tablespoons chopped green tarragon for sprinkling
  • salt and pepper
  • optional: apple cider vinegar for souring

Bean soup with smoked and tarragon & # 8211 moisturizing (soaking) and scalding beans

1. The beans are carefully selected from impurities and spoiled grains, washed in some cold water and soaked in cold water in the evening, as shown in bean recipe with ciolan. In the background you can see the smoky soaked too, it is not necessary to do so unless you have a slightly salty smoke that boils harder (dry).

2. The next morning, drain the beans well from the water in which they were soaked and rinse under running cold water. Put the beans in a pot, cover with cold water and put on the fire. Bring to the boil and immediately drain the water in which it was scalded, rinsing well with cold water, this process having the role of minimizing the unwanted effects of the legume.

Bean soup with tarragon and smoked & # 8211 how to cook

1. The scalded and rinsed beans, together with the smoked and bay leaves are put in a pot, covered with plenty of cold water and put on the fire. Salt is only added at the end, because smoked meat is also salty. Be careful, if you know that you have smoked meat that boils harder and you have not soaked it in water overnight, maybe it is useful to boil it halfway separately, so that the beans are not completely crushed and the meat is still uncooked.

2. As it starts to boil, foam will accumulate on the surface, which must be removed as many times as possible.

3. Peel the onion, pepper and all the roots, wash and chop into suitable cubes.

4. After the smoked meat and beans have been cooked together for 1 hour, add the diced vegetables. Also now add the tarragon and thyme tied in a bouquet, to remove them more easily at the end. As the water evaporates, top up with warm water.

5. When the smoked meat is cooked, debone it and divide it into pieces to fit the spoon. Add the portioned meat to the boiling soup.

6. After both the vegetables and the beans and meat are well cooked, add the broth and crushed garlic and boil everything together for 4-5 minutes.

Bean soup with tarragon and smoked as in Transylvania, final seasoning and serving

At the very end, straighten the taste of the salt soup and add a lot of ground pepper. Remove the soup from the heat, sprinkle with chopped green tarragon and cover with a lid. Let it infuse for a few minutes and amplify its flavors.

Serve bean soup with tarragon and hot smoked, offering vinegar, bread and pickled hot peppers or fresh. Good appetite!

I find out from a travel guide that the big problem of Romanian tourists is the lack of soups beyond the proximity of our borders. Once you descend in the middle of Paris, near Milan or Amsterdam, an overwhelming majority of our compatriots visiting other lands ask for soup. Text written for where I have already published a series of articles dedicated to Romanian gastronomy. I invite you to read them.
The very fact that the people do not seem open to the traditional goodies of the place says a lot, but it is not the case here to talk about our extremely conservative culinary methods.
The soup is probably the identity preparation of Romanians everywhere, although, when we are questioned about gastronomic habits, we point to the sarmale and sigh with pathos that it does not belong to us. Unlike saramale, which is a holiday dish, the soup is the daily plate, the sufferer that today's corporatist lacks, the constant of urban or rural childhood. The warm edges served at the beginning of the meal, greased with a brandy before and sanitized of any flavor when they are combined with far too many fish and not at all aromatic Romanian hot peppers to add more bread or polenta, regardless of whether it is spread or a feast of meat and vegetables with two fingers of fat from the fat hen, have become a major and irrefutable landmark of the local culinary daily. This gastronomic practice is so strong that it has various forms for the whole season and is common to all regions, with variations on the theme (soups, sweet soups, borscht and sometimes even more recent cream soups, of which there are no soups, no purees as my late grandmother would say).

I have dedicated a rather large collection of proverbs and sayings to them: just by word of mouth, soup is not made if you have money, and in the forest you can find soup, do not pour cold water over boiled soup with two cooks. then at least fry yourself with a good soup for such bread, such a soup whoever roasted with the soup, puffs and don't put your nose in someone else's soup, etc.

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