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Transgendered Whole Foods Employee Sues After Being Called ‘It’ By Coworkers

Transgendered Whole Foods Employee Sues After Being Called ‘It’ By Coworkers

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A transgendered New York man has sued Whole Foods after allegedly experiencing discriminatory harassment

The man’s supervisor allegedly told him, “I know you are not a guy, I am not going to refer to you as a guy.”

A Whole Foods in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood is being sued for transgender discrimination. A former employee claims he was subjected to discriminatory abuse at the hands of his supervisors and co-workers who often referred to him as “it” because they did not see him as a “true man.”

Victor Alexander King, 21, filed the lawsuit in a Manhattan Federal court and alleges that despite voicing his concerns multiple times to management, his complaints fell on deaf ears and were repeatedly ignored. Eventually, his coworkers were forced to take a workplace harassment course. However, when the abuse continued, King was forced to quit his job last month.

Whole Foods corporate has reviewed but has not yet responded to the specific lawsuit yet. However a representative did release this general statement:

“As a company, we have long celebrated diversity and acceptance and have zero tolerance for discrimination. Our diverse and inclusive culture is reflected in our team member base, including our leadership, as well as in community partnerships here in New York City.”