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Desert mosaic cake

Desert mosaic cake

Crush the biscuits.

Put the milk and sugar on the fire. When the sugar has dissolved, add the cocoa and butter, mix, turn off the heat and add the essence.

Put the hot syrup over the biscuits, mix until all the syrup is incorporated into the biscuits.

We take a plate, we use the ring of a cake shape. We put the composition of biscuits, press them and level them. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

We are preparing the ganage.

Bring the whipped cream to the boil. Put the broken chocolate and leave for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes we beat it lightly.

Take the cake out of the fridge, put the ganache, level it, decorate it and put it back in the fridge.

Good appetite.

"Elena" cake & # 8211 Delicious cake with apricot filling. Simple and quick to do

An easy to make, cool, summer cake that will get you out of trouble when you want to make something sweet in a short time.

You need:

Beat the egg whites, add the sugar, egg yolks, walnuts and flour in the rain, stirring until smooth. This composition is poured into a cake form lined with either oil and flour or baking paper. Bake on low heat for about an hour.

  • For cream 1 you need 5 tablespoons of whipped cream and a few 5 tablespoons of apricot jam (you can use any jam you have on hand). Mix them until a thicker cream comes out.
  • For cream 2 you need 10 tablespoons of whipped cream and any fruit you want, of course cut into small pieces.

For the syrup you need 250 g of sugar, 250 ml of water and a rum essence. Bring to the boil and stir until the sugar melts.

The top is cut into 3 equal parts. Syrup the first countertop and pour cream on top 1. Put the second countertop on top, syrup it and put the cream made of whipped cream and fruit. Put the top 3 on top, syrup it too and decorate the cake with whipped cream and pieces of fruit. You can also use fruit from compote and instead of syrup use syrup from compote.

Jamila's fruit cake recipe

You will also need two tablespoons of flour, 20 grams of gelatin and a lemon essence.

The first thing you need to do is moisturize the gelatin. Put the gelatin in a bowl and add warm water over it. As you mix, you will notice that the gelatin will grow, swell.

The cream is prepared. Mix in a saucepan the sugar, the yolks, the flour, the lemon essence (or vanilla if you don't like lemon) and mix everything with a whisk. The ingredients must be homogenized.

Add the milk little by little and then incorporate it into the mixture as you go through this process. You realize you've done the right thing if there's no lump.

Put the pan on the stove over low heat. Continue to stir so that the cream does not separate. After a boil or even two, it should be done properly.

Cream it must be warm, but not hot. Add the gelatin, which in the meantime began to look like a jelly. Use your purpose and patience to mix the new composition well. The gelatin must be melted in the cream.

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